Warrior Custom Golf Scam: Golf, Golf Clubs, and Golf Equipment

Warrior Custom Golf: Golfer and his Golf Club What is your golf handicap? Is your golf handicap a high number such as twelve or thirteen? My handicap used to be a nine and I dropped it down to a six with no golfing practice. Would you like to know how I did that? The process is simple. Here is what you need to do to lower your golfing handicap 3 to 6 strokes.

Get a free Hybrid or
Lob Wedge

Swing a Warrior Custom Golf EXT weighted driver

It is often said that you drive for show and you putt for dough. Although I'll admit you can't make a birdie with a golf driver, you can make a bogey or a double bogey or worse. With the great weighting system of the Warrior Custom Golf Driver, you can be hitting in the fairways more consistently..

Include the Warrior Custom Golf hybrids with your Warrior Custom Golf irons

After hitting a Warrior Custom Golf hybrid, you will know why almost half a million golfers across the country keep one in their Warrior Custom Golf bag. Replace your golf three, four and five irons with the Warrior Custom Golf hybrids. Keep your Warrior Custom Golf iron set, 6 iron through pitching wedge, Warrior Custom Golf will set you up with custom fitted grips rounds with rifle shafts. This combination will let you hit straighter than you will ever hit with a set of golf irons in your life.

Get the World Famous Warrior Custom Golf Wedges

If you know about warrior custom golf at all then you know about their famous Warrior Custom Golf wedges. Every golfer needs to carry a fifty-two, fifty-six and a sixty degree wedge in their set. With these Warrior Custom Golf wedges, whether I am one hundred twenty yards out or chipping beside the green I have a better approach shot than anyone in my foursome.

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